Mechanic diagnosing problems. Using only the latest up-to-date fault analysing and diagnostic equipment coupled with over 30 years experience allows us to accurately and quickly identify any faults your vehicle may of developed.

If you see one of the warning lights illuminated on your dashboard, you may require an engine diagnostics check to help identify potential problems with your vehicle.

 For older and Historic vehicles we are also very experienced in the “old school” methods of fault diagnosis.

All new and nearly new vehicles are controlled and managed by computers. Our diagnostic equipment will be plugged into your vehicle to help locate then fix any potential problems your car could be having.

Diagnostic checks cover;

    • Engine Management Systems
    • ABS / Traction Control Systems
    • Immobiliser Systems
    • Airbag / SRS Systems
    • Air Conditioning Systems
    • Automatic Transmission Systems
    • Diesel Management Systems
    • Canbs Systems
    • Service Light & Resetting

If you are unsure if your car is performing properly or fuel consumption seems a bit high, it may be time you called us on 0151 336 4289 for a diagnostic check up.